Achtsamkeit – die zentrale Führungskompetenz

Mindful Leadership

In diesem Beitrag erfahren Sie,

  • warum Führung weltweit in der Krise ist,
  • was erfolgreiche Führungskräfte des 20. von denen des 21. Jahrhunderts unterscheidet,
  • was Mindful Leadership ist und welchen Nutzen dieser neue Ansatz für Führungskräfte, Mitarbeitende und Organisationen stiftet,
  • was achtsame Führungskräfte anders machen,
  • und wie Sie Achtsamkeit in die Führungskräfte-Entwicklung Ihres Unternehmens bringen.

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Beitrag erschienen in „PersonalEntwickeln“ von Barbara Riedenbauer und Angelika von der Assen

Meditation jeden Tag – ConnectedMinds

Meditate with us!

Join our DAILY meditation practice to strengthen your resilience and find clarity: Deepening mindfulness and awareness for the past COVID period.

  • When: 8.00 – 8.30am (CEST) from September 14th till October 30th
  • Where: Zoom meeting ->
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • With Liane Stephan
  • Days: Monday – Friday
  • Language: English (if only German speaking people join, in German)
  • Costs: Free of charge
  • Needed: Internet, Zoom app or web browser, loudspeaker/microphone, camera (optional), calm space, no distractions
  • Regularity: You can join whenever it feels right. But always in time. The classroom will close as soon as we start and will be open 5 minutes before the start
  • Everyone is welcome: For all who want to have a refreshing beginning to their working day. No previous experience necessary.
Make mindfulness the new normal!

Mindfulness practice should be like brushing teeth. When we forget – notice the taste in our mouth. However, this is not always easy – there are many reasons why we forget to do this or fail in setting up a regular routine.

In this series we will practice together daily – and also learn how the mind functions. In particular we will look at aspects of our mind like mindfulness, awareness, introspective and interoceptive awareness – and how to cultivate them and make them the new normal for our life. We will also look into the classical pitfalls of why we struggle with our practice and how to overcome them. We will also share daily practices for cultivating grounded awareness – something that seems ever more important in this virtual and changing time.

We look forward to this journey and practice time together.

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