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Montag-Freitag, täglich ab 9.11., 8 Uhr / 18.30 Uhr

Join our DAILY meditation practice to strengthen your resilience and find clarity: Deepening mindfulness and awareness during the COVID period.

  • When: 8.00 – 8.30am (CET) from November 9 – December 4, 2020, plus a check in at 6.30pm
  • Days: Monday – Friday
  • Where: Zoom meeting ->
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • With Chris Tamdjidi
  • Language: English (if only German speaking people join, in German)
  • Costs: Free of charge
  • Needed: Internet, Zoom app or web browser, loudspeaker/microphone, camera (optional), calm space, no distractions
  • Regularity: You can join whenever it feels right. But always in time. The classroom will be open 5 minutes before the start and will close as soon as we start.
  • Everyone is welcome: For all who would like to establish a regular practice in this challenging time. No previous experience necessary.
Make mindfulness the new normal!

Mindfulness is transformative not when we do it for just 10 mins per day on the cushion, but when we soak our working and leadership day with mindfulness. This course has a twofold aim:

  • Help you deepen your practice of mindfulness, and in particular establish regularity in your daily practice and understand a variety of methods to help you settle your mind and work with obstacles to your practice
  • Help you extend your mindfulness into the working day and maintain a sense of presence

In order to do this the course will contain three elements:

  • A four week structured training in establishing a regular practice and working with the aspects of practice – posture, breath, emotions and mind.
  • A daily micro-practice for you to try to do a number of times in the day to maintain and extend your mindfulness.
  • A daily CHECK IN at the end of the day (18:30) to reflect what worked and whether you were able to maintain your practice and how you dealed with obstacles.

We look forward to this journey and practice time together.

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